Weekly Best Dressed!

By Ruwan

This is Maryama who is this week’s Best Dressed. She is dressed in black with chequered gold. What an awesome clothing choice!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 6.11.14 PM.png

What inspired your choice of clothing today? 

Well it is easy to put this on. 

Did you prepare your clothes the night before or this morning? 

This morning.

What is your favourite shop to buy clothes? 

I don’t really have one.

What is your favourite part of spring fashion?

Well, I guess the weather and the colours. 

Who is your fashion inspiration?

I don’t really have one but I really like Rihanna’s fashion. 

What is your favourite item of clothing you own ?

I recently bought a fur jacket and I really like it. 

Do you like winter or summer fashion better?

Winter because you can layer up but summer has better clothes. 

What's your favourite colour to wear?

My favourite colour to wear is black. 

Thank you Maryama for taking the time to be interviewed!

If you have a friend who dresses to impress, is fashionable yet functional, comfortable but chic, snap a photo of their outfit along with a short interview or description of their choice in fashion and send it to Ubique for a chance to be featured in the magazine.