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Ms Costelloe

Miss Costelloe is an English teacher at Uni High and the Head of Ubique.




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What do you teach?

I teach English and literature.


So is it about books?

Pretty much but we also study about how to write yourself  and analyse texts, how to look at advertising. At the moment, with my year sevens we were studying film.


What was your favourite subject in high school?

Always English but I really liked history to.


Where did you go for high school?

I went to a catholic school in Bendigo.


What is your best memory from high school?

My best memory is my literature class in year 12. I loved literature,


Growing up, who were your role models?

Actually my English teacher was. I really liked her. I was very religious when I was young so I kind of liked the Pope.


So what do you do in you spare time?

I run around after my children mainly.


What are some place you have been to?

I have been to Europe when I was young. I haven’t been overseas in a long time as my children keep me locked in Australia. Haha. Also my passport has expired which is really sad.


Did you always want to be a teacher?

No, I became a teacher later which I took a long time to decide and I am really glad I did Because I really love teaching.


What is your favourite book?

Ugh, there are too many but I do love Wuthering Heights.


What is your best advice to give to students?

Plug away and don’t get too fixated on your ATAR. Develop your skills and do what you love.


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