Sorrow, Fear and Anger Fills Christchurch

by Anirudh Vengatesh

On the 15 of March, tragedy broke out in two mosques in Christchurch. Many people with different nationalities, gender and age were shot without mercy. The attacker, 28-year-old man from Australia known as Brenton Harrison Tarrant parked outside the mosque and shot bullets in quick rounds before entering the mosque itself. After entering the massacre began, shooting innocents throughout the area. People were in shock and saw people falling to the floor, many made a run for the exit though only some got away. Many played dead though only some were left to spare. Some were even shot outside of the mosque as people made their final run to the streets. All of this horror was live-streamed. Innocents lost family and loved ones, the community now gathers for the victims. The families and community eagerly wait for the attacker to be sentenced.

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