By Ayumi Sofyan

Melbourne Invites You To the 65th Moomba Festival

Moomba festival is Australia’s largest free community festival, attracting up to 1 million people every year and it’s right in the heart of our dear home. The idea originated in 1951 and the first festival started on the 12th of March 1955 and went on for 15 days along the banks of the Yarra river. ‘Moomba’, the name proposed by Bill Onus from the Australian Aborigine’s League in 1954, means ‘let’s get together and have fun’ which is something I encourage you to do with a whole group of friends this long weekend. Take advantage of the weekend and leave all your homework to Tuesday morning, like you know you’re inevitably going to do.

This tradition and festival which includes the Moomba parade, fireworks displays, carnivals and rides in the gardens along the Yarra river, river activities, live music and bands, and most importantly; the food trucks which has given me a huge food baby is a must on your to-do list this weekend.

More information is on Moomba website if needed.