Cyn-I'll Still Have Me

by Bessie Tian

Embracement of one’s sorrows and heartbreaks is a difficult skill to master. Heartbreak leads to a tricky maze of self-motivation and choices. One is faced with obstacles like living off the ice-cream in the fridge or removing all signs of it, deserting oneself from the world or continuing on with daily life, punching the pillow or punching your stuffed animal toy, etc. So simply, Invisible wounds take time to heal. Cyn’s song ‘I’ll still have me’ embraces the presence of heartbreak and celebrates the liberating feeling of self love.

The song begins with sad, drawn back notes from a guitar and Cyn’s dulcet voice immediately becomes the focal point. Her voice is soothing and sweet while the lyrics are heartbreaking, bringing comfort yet a tinge of sorrow to the listener’s heart. As the song continues, connections can be drawn from the chorus ‘If I don’t have you. At least I’ll still have me’ and ‘but there’s no bad dream to wake up from’ really does hit the listener hard. Everyone has lost, become distant, left someone important in their life. People come and go, it is a part of the unsteadiness in life but Cyn reassures us that we still have ourselves. Despite our endings with others we still have ourselves to love, care, spoil.

Cyn’s soft and beautiful song ‘I’ll still have me’ will make us all shed a motivational lone tear. A tear that will bring us motivation to live.  It is important to remember that despite our sad conclusions with special people in our life, it doesn’t mean we have no one else, we still have ourselves. Cheers to eternal self love !

Song lyrics:

I broke my back 'cause

I thought you would too

I'd run in circles

I thought you would too

Maybe in another life

Everything worked out alright

And things that made this harder

Passed us by

But there's no bad dream to wake up from

Now I got it bad when it's the morning

And you're all that's on my mind

If I don't have you

At least I'll still have me

And if I don't have you

At least I'll still have me

I never thought twice

'Cause you were my number one

I put you first 'cause

You were my only song

No more riding on the train

No more smoking in the air

Now my secrets only stay with me

Everybody knows I'm upset

They don't even have to ask it

They know I believed in us last week

And if I don't have you

At least I'll still have me

And if I don't have you

At least I'll still have me