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[U]: You were tagged by Mr. Bourke so I’d like to go back to the time when you first met. How was it being part of the first Galileo team ever? 

B: Um…. I loved it. It was a great experience. I felt really really lucky. So, that was my first job, out of the Masters of Teaching, and I loved the school, and I was also really excited about Galileo, and then, when - I suppose… I’m just trying to think… I remember just feeling really excited and kind of really honoured that I was being asked to be part of that, um, and then when it sort of started, and I was working with Michael and Paul, when we actually started working, it was really tough, because everything was new, and we had to design it, um, but there was always that sense of excitement and that we were doing something quite different and quite interesting. And then, probably just the best thing was that I had just such a great year. I really loved all the kids that came through, and yeah, for that whole year I just felt really happy and really lucky, and you know, kind of blessed in a way that I was part of it, so it was great.

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Mr. Bourke

Ubique: You were part of the first Galileo team ever! How did feel to be involved with such an incredible new program that had just been introduced by the school?

Mr Bourke: It was exciting. You knew that whatever you did was going to have far reaching implications. We knew the course we designed that year was going to change from year to year but we knew that we were going to form the structure of the course for many years after that.

It was exciting and stressful but it was good fun. I had a good time. It was also my first year of teaching and it was a good opportunity to have an impact straight away and to be able to implement your ideas. We had so much freedom to do that. That was a great opportunity.

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