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Where are our women? And what are they wearing?

The absence of female athletes from our TV screens deserves more attention. Television is the making of modern athletes. All internationally recognised athletes started out as players for their local club. They have become famous because they have graced our screens. Barely anyone would have heard of Usain Bolt if the 100m sprint wasn’t televised internationally.  With the global influence of social media now becoming apparent, every want-to-be athlete is praying for a big break on TV that will make them famous. Unfortunately this charitable service does not extend to female athletes as television networks rarely broadcast women’s sports.

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Cadel Evans, Anna Meares, Annette who?

Cycling is enjoying an increase in popularity in Australia. Cadel Evans and Anna Meares are leading this surge in popularity; with Evans winning Australia’s maiden Tour de France (which is cycling’s premier competition) and Meares’ successful track career, cycling has been enjoying recent successes.


Australian cycling is currently going through a changing of the guard. With Evans retiring in February 2015 and Meares nearing the end of her career, many Australians are losing interest in the sport. Cycling has always been second fiddle to major sports such as cricket, AFL, and rugby. Recently with the increase of people riding to work or school and the success of Meares and Evans, cycling has become more popular. Cycling stands to lose this newfound fame unless another rider has similar achievements.

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Where Do We Draw The Line?

By Emma Letham

We’re living in an era where professional athletes are becoming constrained by tight expectations regarding their behaviour. There’s an incredibly thin line between being competitive and having a bad attitude, and in today’s society, where we strive to be politically correct in everything we do, the line has vanished and it’s impossible to distinguish acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Athletes are only human and - just as we all do - get frustrated when things aren’t going their way or stressed when under a load of pressure. However, when they do get frustrated, all eyes are on them and they sometimes let out a few expletives. Obviously the action isn’t ideal, but don’t we all start running off profanities when we’re frustrated?

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By Conor Ammett

‘Dab it out, dab it out.’ ‘And sweep, and sweep, and sweep.’ ‘Tunnel ball!’ These are the things I will remember about my year 10 interschool sport experience in term one this year. I’ll remember how our team bonded over losing the first match; I’ll remember the smiling face of a fellow teammate as she finally got the hang of serving over the net; I’ll remember posing for photos at the end of the day, when we felt victorious, free and as successful as Victoria Azarenka when she hits a dab.

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