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A Review: Shadowboxing - Tony Birch (2009)

Conor Ammett

I was sceptical at first about Shadowboxing. I read a bit of the blurb, and thought, ‘oh, 1960s Australia, that can’t be too interesting.’ I wouldn’t have picked the book for myself, as I love fantasy, romance and adventure. I was wrong though. Shadowboxing is so interesting, in the way that it’s cleverly written and the narrative is explored. In the novel you follow the life of a boy called Michael as he moves from Clunes in rural Victoria to Fitzroy, Melbourne. You don’t get to see his whole life, only certain stories, moments. This leaves you to think about whether his whole life is like these stories, or whether these are just the extraordinary tales he wishes to share with the reader. One of my favourite stories is about the moon landing, and how schools based an entire day of learning on the Apollo 11 journey. There’s this quote that I keep thinking about, even weeks after I’ve finished reading the book: Michael yells, ‘F*ck the moon!’ to his assistant school principal, and the imagery is absolutely vivid.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Shadowboxing to any teenager, especially if you don’t think it’s the type of thing you would read, because I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Teacher Tag: Ms. Bobeff

[U]: You were tagged by Mr. Bourke so I’d like to go back to the time when you first met. How was it being part of the first Galileo team ever? 

B: Um…. I loved it. It was a great experience. I felt really really lucky. So, that was my first job, out of the Masters of Teaching, and I loved the school, and I was also really excited about Galileo, and then, when - I suppose… I’m just trying to think… I remember just feeling really excited and kind of really honoured that I was being asked to be part of that, um, and then when it sort of started, and I was working with Michael and Paul, when we actually started working, it was really tough, because everything was new, and we had to design it, um, but there was always that sense of excitement and that we were doing something quite different and quite interesting. And then, probably just the best thing was that I had just such a great year. I really loved all the kids that came through, and yeah, for that whole year I just felt really happy and really lucky, and you know, kind of blessed in a way that I was part of it, so it was great.

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Hungry for Change

With 15 minutes of lunchtime remaining at The University High School,  students are still lining up for food. There are seven chicken nuggets left, two chicken schnitzel burgers, towers of two minutes noodles and one lonely, shrivelled dim sim. . There’s not a fresh, homemade salad or sandwich in sight. Does this seem like the food a school canteen should be serving?  The type of food to fuel the minds and bodies of our children? We have decided to crack open the canteen and find out what the school community really thinks, and we expect to find students hungry for change.


This type of heavily fried food should not be a staple of a child's lunch. Government schools are encouraged to provide a range of healthy foods to students. These recommendations are set out inthe National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines for healthy food and drink supplied in school canteens. Food is rated according to a traffic light system; green means these foods and drinks are the most suitable to be sold in school canteens and should be available on the canteen menu every day, amber means the food contains some valuable nutrients, but may be too high in saturated fat and / or sugar and / or sodium, Foods and drinks categorised as RED are not consistent with the dietary guidelines and should not be sold in a healthy school canteen. They are low in nutritional value and may also be high in saturated fat, sugar or sodium. Unfortunately all the foods available to students in the last 15 minutes of lunch time at the canteen come under a amber and red food rating. For some students these foods are eaten on a daily basis and in large quantities. So what is the effect of this level of consumption of processed, fried foods?

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