First Best Dressed of 2019!!

Best Dressed Bunch! - By Bessie and Yasemin

Not long ago, the school holidays had come to an end. And what were the students of University High School doing? They were busy putting finishing touches to their new pieces they had crafted for the year of battles in the grounds of Uni High. However, not many were fashion-fit enough to survive the sudden avalanche that hit Melbourne during the close weeks of the beginning. But of course only a few managed to make it through with their effortless yet sophisticated pieces.

This was the scene of The Library at a chaotic 12:55 pm on a Thursday. Comfort is of course the subject du jour on unstable Thursdays and these fun-loving boys managed to pull off their outfits with evident glamour and attention to detail. For them, Thursdays meant lunchtimes of getting ahold of ration for their math battles in the next hour. Just look at their firing energy!

On the right is Jacob Day, a passionate lad from 9C3 seen wearing a classic ‘lad’ outfit. But of course, no Thursday outfit or ‘lad’ outfit is EVER complete without the presence of a pair of Nike trainers. We must amend him for his attention to detail of the loose string showing off from out his top as it does add an extra layer of effortless. It really ties the look altogether while being an invisible accessory even he thought wouldn’t be coming.

Sam Potter to the left, Griffin Mahoney in the middle, Jacob Day to the right.

Sam Potter to the left, Griffin Mahoney in the middle, Jacob Day to the right.

In the centre is Griffin Mahoney, also a passionate lad from 9C3 preparing for the battle of mathematics ahead. His outfit involves a pop of colour from two perfect accessories that a lad would need on a grizzling family BBQ day, a bright yellow cricket hat and a pair of fluorescent blue sushi printed socks. What a sizzling, innovative, fresh lad look!

Finally, on the far left is Sam Potter, an important member of 9C3 and the ‘lad’ community. His entire fit is a classic look only ‘lads’ are able to pull off. A ‘the only clean shirt I found’ paired with black shorts as well as white ankle socks and a pair of Nike trainers were his armour for their close battle.

Thank you to Griffin Mahoney, Jacob Day and Sam Potter for contributing to Ubique!

While some lads were busy preparing for their battle, Sunday Stoney from 10G1 and Jasmine Afoa from 10J were taking a break and spending some valuable friendship time together. Jasmine is wearing navy blue track pants and a fitting button shirt that is completed with a pair of black Nike Air Forces. What an 80s baby!  ‘You gotta have the comfort and the good fit’ were her words of wisdom.

Jasmine to the left, Sunday to the right

Jasmine to the left, Sunday to the right

Sunday is wearing a sleeveless blue denim dress with white sandals. Can we take a moment to talk about her name and how her outfit is literally an outfit you’d wear on Sunday. Oh how we love Sunday and Sundays! She described her fit as easy to throw on, comfortable, stylish and plus her dress was given to her by her mum. Thank you to Jasmine and Sunday for being a part of the Ubique Magazine.

Written by Bessie and Yasemin