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alicia guiney

ruwan jinadasa


Bridget costello



Legacy Section

Those people who have contributed in a leading position to Ubique and have now departed. Farewelled, but not forgotten.

2017 - 2018

Elise lou


henry ley


2017 - 2018

Beth Thomas-Richards


Conor Ammett


2016 - 2017

Aidan Burke

Editor, Technician

Sara Draca


2015 - 2016

Maya Britbart-Ellazam

The one running the show, a veritable one woman powerhouse in a lumberjack shirt.

Jack Murray 

The man who made the website do it’s thing and other related activities. The master of factual communication regardless of others' thoughts; Did you know that the Aztec Empire was founded 300 years after Oxford University.

Alice Smith

Alice was the power behind the throne, she’s the Hand of the Queen.